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I must make this blog quick unfortunately because my computer has been crashing every couple minutes and is on its way out. I’m sick all the time and my computer seems to be taking after me. Anyways lets get into Junot Diaz’s Drown.

There were two things i loved about the stories in this book. The first is that i understood basically every word that Junot Diaz used. My vocabulary is preschool. I dont use big words and when im reading a book that feels that it is necessary to use gigantic words i dont understand, i get frustrated. I get the feeling that i’m more focused on figuring out these confusing words then reading the story. Off the top of my head i cant recall many words that Diaz stumped me on. I felt like i was reading a story written by someone like me although 100 times more talented. The stories were easy to read and the flow was amazing.I also liked how he used spanish words in the stories because i used to date a spanish girl and her family would talk like this. That cracked me up.

The fact the stories were awesome is the second thing i loved about Junot Diaz. HE WROTE ABOUT THINGS THAT WERE VERY INTERESTING AND INVIGORATING AND ENTERTAINING AND JAW DROPPING! Other writers need to start doing this. I mean we have authors who sit down and write stories that are terrible meanwhile Diaz sat down and wrote five stories that i couldnt put down. He puts everything out there, there’s no limit to his writing. Writing should not be censored or hidden. Just put it on the paper.


a break from homework

I just got done reading Donald Duk by Frank Chin and what a terrible book. If you never read it, dont and if you have then there’s no need for me to explain to you how boring it is. I also just got done reading O Pioneers which also sucked. The pioneers were not the most exciting people so why would someone write a book on them? My homework for these classes should be the assignment and to not fall asleep.

Why do teachers assign these dry, torturous books? Theres a couple reasons why i think they do this. They either are crazy enough to like these stories, hate their students, or enjoy inflicting the pain of reading them on themselves. It’s a definite night ruiner when i have to read 100 pages of a terrible book.

Why cant we just read The House Behind the Cedars or The Sound and the Fury type books in all classes? By those type books i mean GOOD BOOKS! Although im still pissed at Faulkner for the ending. I bet if my main man Charles Chesnutt was around, he would of gave Faulkner some tips on how to end a book and leave the reader more then satisfied.

I would sleep so much better knowing Jason died.

So that’s it, a quick break from boring work. Figured id use the blog as a place to get my thoughts out quick.

All good stories eventually have a last page…….

Some might disagree but i couldnt wait to read the end of this book. You did a great job making us read 1 part for each class because i felt like that really added to the enjoyment. It was light reading and i wasnt killing myself to read a million pages before class (Light reading is always a great way to get your students to love you). Now onto my final blog about Faulkner’s wonderful tale.

Judging by how i started this blog, youd think im happy with the ending. No. Im pissed to be honest. First off, why doesnt Caddy narrate the last section? That’s what is supposed to happen for gods sake. She’s probably the most important character in the book and she doesnt get her own section? How dumb. Shouldve added another section Mr. Faulkner if you really wanted to narrate the ending, i would have had no problems reading another section. Honestly, after i realized Caddy wasnt narrating i got pretty mad and i think the section was ruined for me. Just messed up my mood.

Quentin runs away from the Compson house (Big surprise) and it’s funny how the sheriff wont even help Jason because of how much of a piece of crap he is. I was happy for Quentin. She’s a tough girl, kind of resembles Caddy in her personality, and she stuck it to Jason at the end. Im sure her mom would have been proud cause lord knows she hates Jason too.

I feel bad for Dilsey. Poor lady had to live with these crazy people for the whole story. I was hoping in the end Jason and his mother would die (preferably in a bear attack) and Dilsey would get to raise Benjy, Quentin, and Luster. Hell maybe add another chapter about some of the shenanigans Benjy and Quintin get into. Maybe even bring Caddy back.

Damnit Faulkner i just feel you had so much room to make so many entertaining and exciting things happen and you blew it. I know in class on Tuesday, my professor and fellow students are going to make me see that this chapter was indeed great like the rest but right now, as i lay in my bed, i am very disapointed with you. This blog asked for my reaction and to be blunt, William Faulkner broke my heart. Of course this will is only temporary because i hope in class everyone shows me the meaning behind this.

But cmon, everyone is definitely angry that Jason isnt dead right?

April 6th 1928

I have to say i went from loathing this book to really enjoying it. It’s definitely one of the better books i have read this year BUT, Charles Chesnutt’s “House Behind the Cedars” is my favorite book this semester and i dont see that changing. Anyways, The Sound and the Fury, April 6th 1928, lets talk.

First off and most clear, we see how much of a real asshole Jason is. Excuse my language but i cant think of a better work. He does a lot of nasty things in this chapter but the one that really hits me in the heart is when he burns the tickets to the show IN FRONT OF LUSTER! I wanted to hop in the book and kick his ass. Then you got the stealing of Quentins money and how he treats people. He plays one hell of an antagonist.

We also find out how Quentin killed himself. “at Harvard they teach you how to go for a swim at night without knowing how to swim.” I think the way this part is worded is kind of funny even though it takes a shot at Quentin’s suicide.  While we are talking about his siblings, Caddy is divorced and her daughter Quentin has to live with Jason.

Benjy and Quentin talk about the past often. Jason is about the present time not dwelling on his childhood or any past events. He brings up the divorce but only because it stuck him with Quentin who he really doesnt like. Im curious if the last part will be Caddy concerned about the future? Just a thought . If Faulkner can pull that off, i’ll be very impressed. He’s already told a helluva story and that would be the icing on the cake.

If it had been cloudy…..

If it had been cloudy. Not necessarily the happiest way to start off a sentence. Then again, we arent reading the happiest of sections either. The book really turns around here and concerning the last blog, starts to come alive. Quentin has some serious mental problems. Sound familiar to anyone? Benjy (formerly known as Maury. Character might be subject to another name change if he ends up in Jackson. Stay tuned). Benjy’s problems are visible since he is mentally handicapped. Quentin is a normal guy. He’s going to Harvard for christs sake. Yet we see that he is sick in the head. The guy lies to his father about committing incest. What’s the father do? Really nothing except dismiss it. I guess he’s got some deep mental problems too. Oh wait, its the south (with my luck, the professor is probably from the south and i just gave myself an F for the semester but it was just a simple joke, no offense meant to anyone).

If it had been cloudy? Sounds sad but doesnt that fit so well with our book? This crazy kid kills himself because along with Benjy, he’s also got some mental problems. If it had been cloudy sounds droopy and mopey. Not sure why but it gives me a sad, depressing feeling. Sounds like someone with a problem with the sun and beautiful days. Why not say “If it had been sunny”. That sounds jolly. I forgot for a second, why would someone say something jolly and happy in the saddest book ever created? First chapter: A wild trip through the mind of a mentally handicapped guy who is treated like dirt and cries a lot. Second chapter: Mentally handicapped guys brother kills himself.

Can this book get any happier? To write this, Faulkner definitely was a cloudy guy.

Thank You Bronchitis

Who doesnt love violently coughing? What’s better then having bronchitis once in a semester? HAVING IT TWICE!!!!!! As i sit here bored out of my mind, coughing my lungs out, i thought crossed my mind. This is a blog where we are supposed to voice our thoughts and opinions. Well this is a thought and opinion id like to throw out there and it’s a good way to vent about how much i hate bronchitis.

I never have gotten bronchitis before to my understanding. Then i got it earlier in the semester. Okay so what everyone gets sick, no big deal. All of a sudden on monday, i begin coughing again. I knew something was wrong because by that night i was coughing up my insides and I actually almost fell off my ladder at work the coughing became so uncontrollable. So wednesday i went to the doctor where he told me i was lucky enough to have bronchitis once again. Wonderful!

This cough sucks. I missed work yesterday and school today. The medicine he prescribes me makes me fall asleep in a matter of minutes and i just remembered this is Halloween weekend. Bronchitis if i am not all better by friday, we are going to have a BIG problem.

Update to The Sound and the Fury

“Cry baby, Luster said. Aint you shamed.” This is the present day with Luster who i’ve noticed has not said a nice thing to Benjy. Only person who treats him nice in his life seemed to be Caddy. This part is short and it then changes to:

“Keep your hands in your pockets. Caddy said” He starts thinking about the past now. Here is an example of how Caddy treats Benjy like an ordinary person. She is nice and cares for him unlike Luster who is mean to him. This section involves Caddy talking a lot, mostly on what’s going on between Uncle Maury and Mrs. Patterson, while they deliver the letter together. It’s winter and close to Christmas. Caddy doesnt say a single mean thing to Benjy. This thought ends and is followed by another thought:

“Mr. Patterson was chopping in the green flowers.” This thought is about the time when Uncle Maury sent Benjy all alone to deliver the letter. Mrs Patterson gets flustered and then Mr Patterson intercepts the letter and finds out about the affair.

In about 5 minutes of reading, Benjy has 3 thoughts going on. He’s got the present day thought and two different ones from  the past. I really hated this story when i first started reading it but after a good nights sleep, i realized it isnt so difficult to grasp. The style matches Benjy perfectly and i apolagize to Faulkner for my previous insults.

April 7th 1928 = ???????????

Wow. William Faulkner i would love to ask what you were thinking when writing this book. People should not write when they are taking massive amounts of drugs. I like to think i sort of understand what’s going on but I cant find a single reason as to why he found writing the book in this style was a good idea. I’m going to be honest, when i find the time  i think i’m going to try and start a petition to try and outlaw this book. After battling and trying to understand to the best of my abilities what the hell is going on, my night was ruined. I was in such a bad mood after reading this. The story isnt even entertaining.

OH BOY! BENJY GOT A NAME CHANGE! That has to be when this book came alive! <—- Sarcasm.

This book doesnt come alive from what i’ve read so far. Nothing somewhat interesting happens. Wait hold on. I know when the book comes alive. When Luster gets his golf ball stolen by the white guy. That man provided the only moment in the story i smiled. I pray this book comes alive in the next section because i’m afraid i might end up in the mental asylum in Jackson at the end of this.


“The Shah’s regime was seen as oppressive, brutal, corrupt, and extravagant.” Forgive me, this quote is from the place that every teacher hates more then terrorism. Yes, you guessed correctly. WIKIPEDIA!!!! Sorry but i mean it just fits so well. Oppressive, Brutal, Corrupt, and Extravagant are probably the best words to describe the Shah’s regime and the Islamic Revolution. I dare you to find a better four words. I’m sure Marjane’s uncle Anouche would agree wit me but we cant ask him because he’s dead thanks to this OPPRESSIVE BRUTAL CORRUPT & EXTRAVAGANT REGIME!!!! People were killed quickly without any fair trials. As we see with Marjane, going to jail or dying because you fought against the Shah somehow made people glorify you.

I watched the movie and my favorite part is when Marjane tells God “Go Fuck Yourself.” after Uncle Anouche is killed. Besides the fact it’s kind of funny to hear a ten year old girl tell God to go f- himself, it’s also a kind of deep scene. She is mad that God did not step in and save her uncle. If God is talking to her, why couldnt he talk to the Shah and spar her uncle? This God character in the movie/book is odd to me. Is he even real or is this a dream that Marjane is having? A lot of questions are left to be wondered about this God character. Maybe he just didnt like Uncle Anouche.

What makes Ernest Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway?

I dont know much about Hemingway besides what we have discussed in class and The Sun Also Rises is the only story i have ever read from him. You mentioned the Iceberg Theory as a good way to describe his writings. This is very true but kind of pisses me off because why do you have to make the readers life that much more difficult. I wish he would follow the Beach Volleyball Theory because 100% of the ball floats on the water. But i guess this style would making Hemingway Hemingway. He likes to torture his reader and i guess he influenced that style. I’m sure him and TS Elliot hung out and joked around about how they screwed with people. He served WWI and i assume some of his writings beyond The Sun Also Rises shed a little light on the effects of the war. This could be another characteristic of Hemingway.

I also think you said Hemingway killed himself because of writers block? If i was Hemingway, i would have been dead almost every time i have to write a paper. He might be the only person who ever did such a thing and if it’s true, that is what makes Ernest Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway.

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